Cricut EasyPress 3 Review: A Smarter Heat Press With Bluetooth

2022-10-22 19:43:26 By : Mr. Chao Han

With Bluetooth connectivity, EasyPress receives all the essential information from the Cricut Heat app.

The Cricut EasyPress 3 proves a welcome companion for anyone new to Cricut's heat press family. With its Bluetooth connectivity, EasyPress receives all the essential information from the Cricut Heat app. Rather than reference outside user guides or online documentation, everything is at your fingertips. While this pairing between app and the EasyPress 3 isn't always perfect, it accomplishes its goal of further simplifying crafting projects via added tech.

Whether you're a hobbyist crafter or a business, time matters. For the Cricut EasyPress 3, the classic ease-of-use has been further upgraded with Bluetooth and a new Cricut Heat app.

With better heating control of your work area, the question is how much can it save you?

For newcomers to Cricut's EasyPress line, there are two primary sizes. The larger 12 x 10 inches (30 x 25 cm) option covers larger options like sweatshirts, blankets, or banners. Meanwhile, the more compact 9 x 9 inches (22.5 x 22.5 cm) variant works for standard-sized t-shirts, bags, and pillow shams.

Regardless of your sizing choice, both can accomplish most of the other's jobs. Instead, you'll be modifying the number of presses and the exact positioning of the press. Both can also tackle iron-on heat-transfer vinyl (HTV), infusible inks, and sublimation paper.

Like with the Cricut EasyPress 2, you can also achieve temperatures of up to 400 ℉ (205 °C) across the ceramic-coated heat plate. To manage this heat, there's still an included insulated base and the auto-off feature. If the EasyPress 3 is left alone for ten minutes, the unit will automatically power down.

On top of its staple features, Bluetooth now allows for the easy sending of exact timing and temperature settings to the EasyPress.

When first powering on the EasyPress 3, there's a slight detour to take first. The device is sent in pairing mode, so you'll see the screen flash the word APP alongside a blinking power button. To bypass this, you'll need to download the Cricut Heat app and sign in with your Cricut ID.

To test the Bluetooth pairing of any device via an app, I opt to connect with both an older and newer device. With both a Samsung Galaxy S7 and a Google Pixel 6 XL, the EasyPress 3 was detected instantly. The actual activation takes only a few seconds more after that.

After, when the Cricut Heat app initially prompts you to do their trial iron-on project, it's best to skip this. The EasyPress 3 wouldn't sync with the app until I completed an update. However, you're free to resume the trial project after.

With everything updated, you're free to start a new project following the Cricut Heat app's categories for transfer material, what it's being applied to, and your work surface. Beyond these presets, you can send custom settings for time and temperature to the EasyPress 3. If you go into the app settings, you can also change the default units of temperature and measure.

When starting a new project with Cricut Heat, it takes a few moments to input your selections. Meanwhile, the Cricut Heat app provides you with all the essential information for your project. This comes foremost in the recommended settings which tell you the basic heating procedure.

From here, you can review more detailed instructions to reinforce the exact procedure for your material type. And you can also scroll down to see a listing of what you'll need to finish the project. If you feel the settings won't work, you're also given the option to edit them before sending to the EasyPress 3.

For most, you'll simply tap the button to send your settings over. Following the on-screen prompts doesn't take very long; you're guided every step of the way.

The EasyPress 3 will also keep the same temperature as your last project. So if you're doing multiples and don't need a reminder, you don't have to continue with Cricut Heat. Instead, you can simply adjust the timer and use the press manually via its Go button.

For testing, Cricut provided the larger EasyPress 3 (12 x 10 inches) alongside a large EasyPress mat (20 x 16 inches). Depending on what projects you'll want to undertake, you'll see the Cricut Heat app occasionally issue material-specific warnings. For instance, if you're working with infusible ink transfers, you'll see their use not recommended without an EasyPress mat.

In practice, if you're working with unfamiliar materials then it's worth checking out different project combinations ahead of time. By looking over Cricut Heat's required material lists, you can double-check everything that you'll need. It's a small trade-off versus dealing with the unpleasant mess of materials bleeding through or otherwise overheating.

With the EasyPress 3, one of the biggest selling points for new users is the added layer of easy access. If you're already using one of Cricut's new machines like the Cricut Maker 3, you can also capitalize on the matless smart materials. The Cricut Heat app already has the preset temperature and timing, so it's a simple matter of letting your machine cut and weed the materials before placement.

While this pairing with the EasyPress 3 typically serves as the fastest, it does possess some disharmony with the Cricut Heat app. As you take advantage of the option to cut out larger designs, you'll notice the Cricut Heat app doesn't really account for multiple presses of a design. Instead, the procedural step-by-step of the app will break down here because it's easiest to just ignore it at this stage.

Manual operation isn't a big deal in these cases, but it's a small deterrent from the overall speed gained by using the Cricut Heat app. In practice, those that have used an EasyPress before won't find anything that different. And it's still much speedier when you're working on transferring to smaller items with smart materials.

In contrast to Cricut's smart iron-ons, the infusible ink options give some different visual effects but at a small trade-off. When working with the Cricut Heat app, these projects typically are the ones calling for the use of cardstock to prevent bleed-through and butcher paper as an added buffer. Plus, if you're using a newer machine, you'll still be using a Cricut mat.

However, these striking visual effects and bigger variety of item blanks allow for even more creative ventures. If you don't want to cut from Cricut's infusible ink sheets, you can draw on and color copy paper using the infusible ink pens. Then you're free to transfer later with the EasyPress 3.

In terms of heat transfers, it also brought about the highest temperature heat transfer. For the ceramic coasters, the EasyPress 3 operated at 400 ℉ for two hundred and forty seconds. If you do a few of these back-to-back, don't be surprised if you see some discoloration or breakdown of the cardstock.

Overall, infusible ink transfers require a few more steps, but they can be zipped out almost as speedily as some of Cricut's smart projects.

With the Cricut EasyPress 3, it's a great option for anyone looking to problem-solve. Even if you're a veteran, the Cricut Heat app reduces potential flubs. So when you're working with different subtypes of material, you don't have to doubt yourself or cross-check settings.

New users will benefit the most; it's also a great way to refresh your memory. If you're already used to capitalizing on Cricut's Design Space for all your project management and files, Cricut Heat fulfills a very similar niche. It won't be enough to get everyone to upgrade from the EasyPress 2, but it's a welcome option if you want to purchase another size variation.

Overall, the EasyPress 3 provides a quick way to smarten your workflow while keeping you focused on the project. If you've looking for the crafting aisle to be more tech-friendly, this is an easy way to do it.

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